KITSupersale | 50x ConferenceKIT (english)


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Premium video conference cards in postcard format.

Size of the cards: DIN A6 (105 mm x 148 mm)
Motifs: 22 visuals on 11 front and back printed premium cards
Paper: 360 g/m²

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The VideoconferenceKIT consists of the following motifs:


  • You're on mute
  • Please mute yourselves
  • Bad connection
  • There's some loud noise in the background


  • Great Idea
  • Applause
  • Thank you very much
  • LOL
  • Sorry
  • How are you today


  • Anybody missing?
  • BRB Be right back
  • I'd like to add something
  • Could you slow down please
  • Please share your screen
  • My next meeting is waiting


  • Customer is just calling
  • The doorbell is ringing
  • I need to walk the dog
  • Sorry have to feed the cat
  • 5 min. break
  • That's coffee in my cup - NOT WINE

Online communication made easy!

The ultimate video conferencing kit is not only perfect as a gimmick for colleagues and employees, it’s also an excellent asset to video conferences. The mailman rings and you have to answer the door? You have problems with the connection or volume? You want to politely point out to your colleagues that noises in the background are bothering you? With the Premium ConferenceKIT cards in standard postcard size, you have the opportunity to convey these and many other everyday professional incidents in a simple and charming way. What are the advantages? Coordinable meetings and operational conversations- for an all-around efficient and vivid digital presence!

Our video conferencing kit contains 22 visuals distributed on 11 cards each. Classic and well-known situations are depicted on the cards in a concise way and can be used variably.


  • "You’re on mute" This card can be used effectively to save time.
  • "Please mute yourselves" A meeting is coming up and colleague A is at the digital lectern during the conference, questions are encouraged towards the end of the monologue.
  • "Bad connection" This uncontrollable online phenomenon happens to the best of us.
  • "There's some loud noise in the background" It crackles and swishes in the background -you can't understand a word.


  • "Great idea!" Don't forget to praise people for their good performance once in a while!
  • "Thank you!" & "Applause!" Want to say a quick thank you?
  • "Sorry!" & "#Lol" Two cards, not only for the youngsters among you.
  • "How are you today" surely needs no further explanation


  • "Anybody missing?" It's easy to lose track of things at team meetings.
  • "Be right back" An everyday classic when an unexpected urgent disruption occurs, for example your child painting the walls or the boss looking at what's lying on the desk
  • "I would like to add something!" Communicate your need to share without interrupting your colleagues.
  • "Could you slow down please" Fits perfectly when you want to take notes and can't keep up with the pace.
  • "Please share your screen" When the speaker already opened the presentation but forgot to share their screen.
  • "My next meeting is waiting" A little hint when people go into too much detail.


  • "Customer is just calling!" A customer is always a priority.
  • "The doorbell is ringing!" You don't want to interrupt, but need to take a moment off the screen to open the door?
  • "I need to walk the dog" Even pets need to "powder their noses" once in a while.
  • "Sorry have to feed the cat" Everyone knows how cats react when you neglect their immediate needs.
  • "5 min. break!" There’s probably no need for further explanation.
  • "That’s coffee in my cup - NOT WINE" Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that your colleagues will believe you…